SHIKHAZURI creates Africa inspired artisan jewellery for globally conscious women. Your style is inspired by ethical influences and your consumer choices are motivated by meaningful stories. Stories that not only feel good but actually do good!

Looking for something that expresses your values without having to say a word? 

Welcome to SHIKHAZURI!

We honour your mission to be a force for good by creating jewellery that benefits the artisans who make it, celebrates local craftsmanship and culture, and ultimately has a look AND feel good vibe.


Nestled behind a bed of spices in the vibrant souks of Marrakech, sprawled amongst local trinkets in the pulsating markets of Nairobi, and buried under colourful wax cloths along the bustling streets of Accra …wondrous treasures await. We uncover the story behind the sensational adornment crafted by generations past, and discover a new era of talented makers who would make their predecessors proud.

Africa inspired artisan jewellery by SHIKHAZURI
Sourcing old world coins shikhazuri
African recycled glass beads by SHIKHAZURI
Sourcing gems Lusaka Shikhazuri

By capturing the story of the cultures that inspire each piece, you become a custodian of meaningful jewellery infused with style and history. Explore our Africa inspired artisan jewellery and find the piece that speaks to your soul.


Like you, I am a citizen of the world. In fact, the Indo-Swahili brand name is the amalgam of my name, Shikha, which means “tip of the flame” in Hindi or “to hold” in Swahili, and “zuri” means “beautiful”. It captures my cross-cultural roots: I am of Indian descent, was born and raised in Kenya, and have lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Although a lawyer by profession, I’m a creative at heart. My journey began when I started making African beaded jewellery to raise funds to support an animal orphanage while working on a conservation project in Kenya. Every time I ventured to markets across the country, I was mesmerised by the colours and styles of beads on display. Even more intriguing were the fascinating stories that the traders shared about what they symbolised. I was hooked!

Despite moving to a successful legal career in the corporate world, the lure was too strong. I took the plunge and put my soul into creating SHIKHAZURI. And now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!

Shikha Vincent

Shikha Vincent – Founder & Designer

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