The African savannah is the prime habitat for herbivores who thrive on the abundant plant life and it’s also the ideal hunting ground for carnivores. This setting creates an exciting stage, brimming with action, drama, and breathtaking sights, making an African safari a bucket list item for most travellers. Sadly, many African savannah animals face severe threat or are endangered due to poaching, overhunting and habitat loss. Our aim with this collection is to inspire awe and raise awareness about these amazing species so that together we can help to conserve them. Each charm is infused with symbolism. Which ones represents you?

“Twiga” The Giraffe: Graceful – Confident – Intuitive
“Punda Milia” The Zebra: Freedom – Individuality – Sociable
“Kakakuona” The Pangolin: Grounded – Unique – Perceptive
“Nyuki” The Bee: Generous – Diligent – Teamwork
“Paws on Africa”: Adventure – Exotic – Diverse
“Acacia Tree”: Abundance – Timeless – Compassion

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