The African Trade Beads Range is about celebrating the vibrant colours across the continent. It is reminiscent of kaleidoscopic African fabrics, carries the energy of pulsating markets, and the creative expression of its incredibly talented artists.

Historically, trade beads were used between the 16th and 20th century as a form of currency, but these decorative glass beads are now famously made in Ghana. They have been used for over 400 years as symbols of maturity, wealth, beauty, social status and identity in all stages of life, from birth through puberty, marriage and death, and in other ceremonies.

Whether you connect with a particular colour or are just drawn to these wonderful beads, these versatile staples will not let you down when you’re looking to add that certain je ne sais quoi to your everyday look.

The jewellery is made by independent Kenyan artisans via a social enterprise model which gives them the opportunity to achieve economic self-sufficiency through sustainable income generation. With an impactful mission at its core, our ethically made African Trade Beads Range creates a vibe of look and feel good adornment. Find out more here.

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