Philanthropy lies at the core of SHIKHAZURI’s values. As an avid conservationist with a passion for African wildlife, it makes perfect sense to give back to the very beings that inspired me on my jewellery journey. However conservation is challenging and I believe that initiatives need to operate at grassroots level and involve local communities to be successful.

That is why I choose to support the Mara Lion Project. As it currently stands, the Kenya Wildlife Service estimates that there are fewer than 2,000 lions left in Kenya, with an annual decline of 100 lions. Increasing human population, coupled with diminishing natural prey and habitats has brought lions in to ever-closer proximity to people. Working with communities, this project has “science driving conservation” at its heart. Its main aim is to sustainably conserve lions throughout the Greater Mara ecosystem by determining their current status, identifying the major threats that could be causing declines in the current lion population and mitigating them wherever possible.

SHIKHAZURI donates 5% of profits from sales of jewellery to support this Project. To find out more about this great cause, please visit

Shikhazuri support of Mara Lion Project

And if you love animals and would like to find out more about the orphans I raised, check out my jewellery story here.


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