‘Each piece tells a story…The cultures that inspire it…and the beauty captured by it’. Despite her successful legal career, founder and creator Shikha Vincent, found an avenue to combine her wanderlust spirit and her inventive fervidness to craft jewelry that goes beyond its aesthetics. This was brought to fruition with the launch of Shikhazuri in 2015. The Indo-Swahili brand name, is the amalgam of the words “Shikha” (her name) which means “tip of the flame” in Hindi, or “to hold or embrace” in Swahili, and the word “zuri” which means beautiful. And embrace the beauty it does; on multiple levels.

Every item bears a captivating story regarding the origin and symbolism of each ethnographic element and stone. Just like a flame, each piece is as enticing and alluring as the next and the closer you are drawn to it, the more engulfed by the depth of their meaning.  This definitely makes Shikhazuri culturally inspired creations the arsenal of the globally minded woman who wants to stand out from the crowd, and make an exotic statement, infused with style, soul and history. TDS talks to Shikha to view the different elements that make up Shikhazuri: