12 July 2016

Many women entrepreneurs in Africa are inspired to start their businesses because of a personal passion, and in the case of Kenyan entrepreneur Shikha Vincent, her jewellery design company SHIKHAZURI, was motivated by just such passions. Her fascination with ethnic and tribal jewellery from across the African continent, combined with her desire to support wildlife conservation in her country, resulted in the creation of a jewellery brand with a strong backstory and purpose which is resonating with customers at home and abroad.

LoA found out more about this fascinating jewellery business and its founder’s vision for the future.

What inspired you to start your company?

I wanted to set up a business where I could combine my passions: jewellery design, travel and conservation. I have always loved travelling and learning about different cultures. This also nurtured a fascination for ethnic and tribal jewellery and its significance to the societies from which it originated. Having been born and raised in Kenya and worked in the field of conservation, I am also passionate about African wildlife and raising awareness of the plight that many species are facing due to the poaching crisis. Therefore, I was keen to set up a business that could help support conservation related initiatives by channelling a portion of profits from sales. These strong motivations prompted me to start a company where I could achieve this, and create a life and business on my own terms.

SHIKHAZURI African Jewellery