Jwahir Necklace (SOLD)

Jwahir is a Somali name meaning “golden woman.” This spectacular necklace unapologetically speaks bold confidence – perfect for when you need to command the attention of the room without saying a word. It features:

  • African faux Amber beads sourced from Morocco
  • Upcycled cow horn beads from Kenya
  • African vulcanite heishi discs
  • A brass handmade clasp, chain and gold plated SHIKHAZURI charm


This bold African amber bead necklace marries with upcycled cow horn beads from Kenya. Both of these striking bead types have a beautiful warm orange to yellow hue. The use of faux amber in jewellery making is a traditional practice among the tribes of Northern Africa, where true amber is scarce; these beads come from the Atlas Mountains and are sourced in Morocco itself. Their age is evident from the groves and irregular surface, and is also a testament of their authentic individuality.

Wear the Jwahir Necklace high up on the neck like a choker, and be transformed into the golden woman of the moment when you step into the room – wear her, own her, be her!