Lishan Necklace


Lishan is an Amharic name that means “award, medal.”

This pendant in this striking necklace is an African ear expander from South Sudan, with a striking design produced by inlaid brass wire. Round plates or rings like this are commonly used by women from South Sudan and Ethiopia to stretch the ears or lips of girls by first making a small cut, then using a wooden plug to hold the cut open until the wound heals. The plugs are replaced by larger ones over time, and when big enough, an expander is inserted to continue to stretch the ear. Once the desired size is reached, the young woman is believed to receive a higher degree of respect than those without piercings. The African ear expander would serve a dual function of expanding the ear and well as that of adornment.

It is suspended from four strands of royal blue Sodalite stone; the name reflects its sodium content and the white colouration inherent in the stone is calcite. Sodalite has been labelled the “Stone of Truth” due to its apparent ability to help clear confusion and get to the truth of a matter.  Like Lapis Lazuli, it has also been called the “Wisdom Stone” as it is believed to foster wisdom, knowledge and communication thereof, and can unite the logical with the spiritual. Known for enhancing communication skills, Sodalite has been used to help end arguments or other disagreements.

Sodalite is often used by athletes, as the stone is said to aid and prolong physical endurance.  It is also believed to awaken the Third Eye, allowing for greater acknowledgement and usefulness of one’s own intuition.

Antique brass and silver beads from Ethiopia, strung in an alternating fashion, complement the wire design inlaid in the pendant. This magnificent statement necklace is finished off with a handcrafted brass clasp, chain and SHIKHAZURI logo bead.

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An African ear expander is transformed into a pendant in this fantastic multi-strand statement necklace that is a wonderful conversation piece. It features:

  • A tribal ear expander inlaid with brass wire that is used as a pendant
  • Royal blue Sodalite stone chips
  • West African “lost wax” cast brass rings
  • Antique Ethiopian silver spacer beads
  • A handmade brass clasp, adjustable chain and SHIKHAZURI logo bead
  • Length: 44cm including clasp, with 8cm chain extension to enable necklace length to be adjusted
  • Pendant height: 4cm; width: 4cm
  • Product information cards included
  • Packaged in handmade SHIKHAZURI pouch using local fabric

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