Naima Necklace [SOLD]

Naima is an Arabic name that means “delight or contentedness”.

This African shield pendant necklace exudes a rich earthy tribal vibe from the colours of its amazing components. The pendant in this necklace is made from upcycled cow horn and is stylised in the form of a shield. It is embedded with brass to add a decorative element and is testament to the incredible artisanship of Sudanese artisans, from where this pendant originated. Brass bicone beads cushion the pendant on either side, then open up to Birds Eye Agate stones.

Bird’s Eye Agate embodies patterns like the eye of a bird. Rich and grounding, it possesses the nourishing energies of Mother Nature, dispelling negativity and bringing positive energy to the forefront. The dark mystic circles which look like a bird’s eye soothes troubled minds and spirit. This eye catching stone tends to expand one’s ability to focus. It helps in meditation and promotes the release of negative beliefs or opinions about others and overall helps the wearer to see the positive side of every situation.

There’s no doubt that the transformative grounding and positive energy of this African shield pendant necklace will exude through you when you wear this bold piece.

Product Details

Naima is an Arabic name that means “delight or contentedness”. It features:

  • An African “shield” pendant made from upcycled cow horn and embedded with brass
  • Birds Eye Agate beads
  • Indian Brass spacers
  • Handmade brass chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI charm
  • SHIKHAZURI packaging made from local Kenyan fabric
  • Product information cards