Fayola Necklace


Fayola is a name from the Yoruba people of Nigeria and means “good fortune walks with honour”.

This bold and beautiful Berber Egg bead Necklace combines the statement bead, also known as Taguemount, with a series of smaller egg beads sourced from Morocco.

The central Berber egg bead features blue, green, and mustard yellow enamel finish that is characteristic of Tiznit Berber jewellery; it is an old piece from the early 1940s. Among the Berber people, the egg is a symbol of eternity and fertility, as life comes from it.

Stunning red Coral branches separate the egg beads, together with small Green Jade accents, which provide a striking contrast to the enamel colours and egg shape beads. Coral forms from the skeletons of marine animals that live together in a community. As the colony grows, branches form in a specific pattern. The branches are durable, intensely coloured, and have a natural waxy lustre.

In Greek mythology, Coral was regarded to provide protection, particularly from evil influences. This stems from the story that when Perseus beheaded Medusa, some of her blood dripped into the sea and became stunning red Coral. There is more to this legend…. Medusa was once beautiful but Athena turned her into a hideous creature in a fit of jealousy. With snakes for hair, Medusa could turn a person into stone with a glance, yet in death her blood produced a healing crystal as beautiful as her former self. In this ancient tale, Coral represents beauty transforming out of ugliness, resulting in a glorious rejuvenation.

Stand out from the crowd with this ravishing Berber egg bead necklace which is sure to turn heads your way.

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Product Details

Fayola is a name from the Yoruba people of Nigeria and means “good fortune walks with honour”. It features:

  • A statement Berber Egg bead pendant
  • Enamel egg beads
  • Fossil branch coral
  • Green Jade beads
  • Silver chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI charm
  • SHIKHAZURI packaging made from local Kenyan fabric
  • Product information cards