Isami Necklace

Isami is a Japanese name meaning courage, bravery and beauty – a fitting name for this necklace that brings together an Omani belt buckle symbolising bravery by association with the Khanjar (dagger), combined with the beautiful Ghanaian glass beads.

The pendant in this piece was once a belt buckle used to hold the Omani Khanjar or dagger in place around a man’s waist. I discovered it whilst rummaging through a pile of antique silver jewellery at Muttrah souk in Muscat. The Khanjar was a weapon of attack and defense, although it is now primarily used for ceremonial or practical purposes and has evolved into an object of beauty; the intricate workmanship involved in its creation attests to this.

It hangs from black flower shaped beads and hand painted glass beads from Ghana. These beads are made by the Krobo tribe by pouring small fragments of glass into clay moulds coated with kaolin to harden it; these are then fired in kilns. Once cooled, the beads are polished on a stone with water and sand and rubbed vigorously against each other to obtain a smooth finish. As well as being a popular fashion accessory, the beads are profusely used during the initiation rites for young adolescent girls into womanhood and adulthood. Some believe that the beads possess special powers either for healing or for protection.

Tibetan silver spacers are interspersed between the glass beads and complete the look of this beautiful necklace that fuses elements from Oman, Ghana and Tibet. A handcrafted sterling silver clasp, chain and SHIKHAZURI logo bead finish this piece.

Product Details

A cultural fusion statement necklace that’s guaranteed to draw attention and be a fantastic conversation starter. It features:

  • Omani silver belt buckle artefact
  • Recycled Krobo glass beads from Ghana
  • Tibetan silver spacers
  • Sterling silver chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI logo bead

The components are personally sourced by Shikha during her travels around the world and this statement necklace is assembled in her studio.

FREE worldwide shipping, protective packaging and a beautiful handmade banana leaf jewellery box lined with Maasai shuka and Kenya kanga fabric is included, as well as a personally signed card by Shikha with the story behind this piece.