Elephant Talisman Silver Plated Bangle



The Elephant Talisman Silver Plated Bangle represents good luck, loyalty and wisdom. It makes a wonderful gift for both elephant & wildlife lovers at large.

Key Features:

  • Charm size: approx. width 1.4cm x length 1.8cm
  • Bangle diameter: approx 2.5 inches (adjustable); view bangle adjustment instructions here
  • Silver plated brass
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Accompanied by a story card describing the cultural significance and symbolism behind this elephant talisman
  • Securely packaged and inserted in a complementary jewellery pouch
  • 5% profits are donated to the Mara Predator Conservation Programme
  • Matches perfectly with the Elephant Talisman Silver Plated Necklace and Earrings


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Product Details

Elephant Talisman Silver Plated Bangle

The Elephant Talisman Silver Plated Bangle is a great piece of jewellery to buy when you’re looking for a gift that the recipient is guaranteed to love. Firstly, it features the iconic elephant, which everybody is fond of. Secondly, this elephant charm bangle will fit any wrist size. Simply pull open at the hinges, slip on, and gently squeeze to adjust if necessary. Thirdly, it comes with a story card that shares the fascinating symbolism behind elephants. Need we say more? As a taster, here are some intriguing legends to captivate you.

Intriguing White Elephant Legends

In Buddhist legend, Buddha’s mother dreamt that a white elephant entered her womb during her pregnancy. The royal sages interpreted this to mean that her child was destined for greatness as a universal monarch or buddha. This is why the white elephant is considered highly auspicious. It signifies authority, compassion, truth and kindness.

White elephants are also considered sacred in Thailand and Burma, and are a symbol of good luck and royalty. The ancient kings of Siam used to ride into battle on elephants; the more a king had, the more status and power he enjoyed. In fact, when King Rama IV found out that American President Abraham Lincoln had no elephants, he offered to send him some to assist in the Civil War. However, the President politely declined the offer.

The elephant has long been revered as a creature imbued with positive attributes. Carry its incredible power with you whenever you wear the Elephant Talisman Silver Plated Bangle. Pair it with the matching Elephant Talisman Silver Plated Earrings. For extra inspiration, find out more about elephant symbolism here.

Profound Elephant Wisdom

“If anyone wants to know what elephants are like, they are like people only more so.” Peter Corneille