Farah Necklace

The focal element in this necklace is a rial coin that has been fashioned into a pendant and originates from Iran; it was minted pre 1979 when the 53 year old reign of the Shah of Iran was overthrown. It is now considered a historical coin as it is symbolic of the Iranian revolution. Three decorative metal dangles and a pendant hook have been soldered onto the coin, and the centre of one face has been adorned with a piece of deep green glass in a bezel setting.

Two strands of recycled Krobo glass beads from Ghana in beautiful tones of jungle and forest green and silver spacer beads from Ethiopia complement the pendant with graceful perfection. The Krobo beads are made by baking fragments of recycled glass that have been placed in moulds lined with kaolin to prevent the glass from sticking to it. Once baked, the beads are cooled and then polished by rubbing them vigorously against each other. It is completed with a handmade clasp, and the SHIKHAZURI logo bead in sterling silver hangs off the chain extension, which allows this necklace to be adjusted to its desired length.

The name of this necklace is inspired by the former Queen of Iran, Farah Pahlavi, admired by many for her impeccable style and timeless beauty. Indeed, this unique necklace epitomises classic and eternal charm and is guaranteed to be a special addition to your jewellery collection.

Product Details

This ethnic rial coin statement necklace takes its inspiration from the beautiful Farah Pahlavi, former Queen of Iran. It features:

  • Irani rial coin pendant
  • Ghanaian glass beads
  • Ethiopian silver albow beads
  • Sterling silver chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI logo bead

The components are personally sourced by Shikha during her travels around the world and this statement necklace is assembled in home studio.

FREE worldwide shipping, protective packaging and a beautiful handmade banana leaf jewellery box lined with Maasai shuka and Kenya kanga fabric is included, as well as a personally signed card by Shikha with the story behind this piece.