Hadiya Necklace


Hadiya is a Swahili name meaning “gift.” The pendant in this necklace is made from recycled cow horn and is adorned with a brass. It is a beautiful piece that displays the creativity of the Kenyan artisan that created it. Ethiopian Copper and West African brass beads cushion the pendant on either side, then open up to two strands of Wood Opalite stone.

The stone is a type of petrified wood, although it does not actually contain any wood at all. In fact, the word “petrified” comes from the Greek word petro, meaning “stone”, whereby silicate mineral such as chalcedony replaces the structure of trees that died millions of years ago. Petrified wood can preserve the original structure of the ancient wood in all its detail, down to the microscopic level. These phenomenal wood opalite beads in earthy hues of honey brown, grey and black are accented by gold plated Tibetan spacers and discs of dried coconut shell.

Wood Opalite is a talisman of wood energy and carries a grounding earthiness. It symbolises new beginnings, growth, and strength.

Hadiya is finished with a handmade adjustable brass chain and clasp from Kenya, and a gold plated SHIKHAZURI charm. This stylish combination of tribal elements and beautifully polished earthy beads makes this a gorgeous gift from Africa which exudes elegance and style.

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Product Details

This petrified wood necklace combines with a statement African shield pendant to make a beautiful earthy statement piece. Hadiya is a Swahili name meaning “gift” and key features of this lovely necklace are:

  • Wood Opalite (petrified wood) beads which have a beautiful sheen 
  • A gorgeous pendant made from upcyled cow horn and embedded with brass, by Kenyan artisans
  • Black Samburu seed beads from Kenya used as separators
  • Tibetan gold spacer beads
  • A handmade brass clasp, chain and SHIKHAZURI logo bead
  • Placed in SHIKHAZURI packaging made using local fabric
  • Product information cards