Andito Necklace


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Andito is an African name that means “great one”.

This beautiful Kenyan artisan metal pendant is made using recycled aluminium and brass metals. Its rustic texture has been smoothed down to create a semi-polished finish and the inlaid brass adds a decorative dimensional element. It displays the innovation of local Kenyan artisans who are highly creative when it comes to recycling materials to create jewellery.

The fossilised coral beads are strung on either side of the pendant. Take a close look and be mesmerised by the sensational decorative patterns that make these fossils distinctively beautiful. When coral becomes a fossil, it is agatized into stone, and in this form it symbolises eternal life. From ancient times it has been revered to bring good luck and is believed to ward off evil spirits.

They are completely natural and no two beads are the same. They have been highly polished, enhancing the sheen and character of this piece. Ornate gold plated Tibetan beads separate the coral and draw out the natural beauty of these sensational fossils.

This is one of those chic statement pieces that can be paired with jeans and a tee, on business attire or will look stunning against your little black dress… that’s lots of mileage from one necklace!

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Product Details

Andito is an African name that means “great one”. This Kenyan artisan metal pendant necklace features:

  • A statement African stylised pendant
  • Natural fossilised coral stones from Indonesia
  • Tibetan gold plated brass spacers
  • Handmade brass chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI charm
  • SHIKHAZURI packaging made from local Kenyan fabric
  • Product information cards