Leza Necklace


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Leza is a beautiful name that means “the noble ornament”. This eye-catching necklace does indeed possess a regal flair. It combines intense Lapis Lazuli stones with beautiful floral brass pendants that take on a grandeur aesthetic.

The pendants come from the Ivory Coast and are made using the ancient “lost wax casting” method. First, a model of the object is made from beeswax, then dipped repeatedly in a solution of fine ash or charcoal powder mixed with water. This forms a mould, or “crucible,” which is allowed to dry and harden. As the moulds harden, channels are left in them to enable the wax to drain out during the heating process, which takes place in a kiln. As the wax melts and is “lost”, molten brass is poured into the mould to form the pendant. When the metal has cooled, the moulds are broken open and the new object is thoroughly cleaned and shined. This process results in each piece being completely unique in contrast to mass-produced casting.

The Lapis Lazuli stones are highly polished and feel beautifully smooth against the skin. The dark blue represents that which is pure and healing, and is said to be able to cure those who wear it. In addition to its modern day popularity as a fashionable gem and healing stone, Lapis Lazuli has long played a significant role in early societies. In ancient Egypt, it was carved into a scarab which was buried with the deceased to offer protection, and in its pulverised form it was used for beautification and to draw out evil spirits when applied to the crown of the head.

In the Middle East it was worn to provide protection from the evil eye, while in ancient Persia, it was a symbol of the starry night. It was also used as an ornamental stone in Greek and Roman times as well as during the Renaissance. It was also favoured by the painter, Michelangelo, due to its intense ultramarine colour when crushed. This ravishing necklace is finished with a handmade brass chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI charm.

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Product Details

Leza is a name that means “the noble ornament”. It features:

  • Lapis Lazuli stone beads 
  • Brass Leaf Pendants from Ivory Coast
  • Gold plated Tibetan spacers
  • Handmade brass chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI charm
  • SHIKHAZURI packaging made from local Kenyan fabric
  • Product information cards