Medusa Necklace


Stunning red bamboo branch coral in this Medusa necklace provides a striking contrast to the brass cast “full moon” pendants from Mali. Coral forms from the skeletons of marine animals that live together in a community. As the colony grows, branches form in a specific pattern. The branches are durable, intensely coloured, and have a natural waxy lustre.

In mythology, coral was regarded to provide protection, particularly from evil influences. This stems from the story that when Perseus beheaded Medusa, some of her blood dripped into the sea and became stunning red Coral. There is more to this legend…. Medusa was once beautiful but Athena turned her into a hideous creature in a fit of jealousy. With snakes for hair, Medusa could turn a person into stone with a glance, yet in death her blood produced a healing crystal as beautiful as her former self. In this ancient tale, Coral represents beauty transforming out of ugliness, resulting in glorious rejuvenation.

The “full moon” pendants are made by local artisans in Bamako, Mali using recycled brass. The pendants are cut by hand, pounded into shape, filed and polished. Tiny Samburu seed beads from Kenya separate each coral branch to prevent them from rubbing against each other. The necklace is finished off with a handmade brass clasp, chain and SHIKHAZURI logo bead.

The use of coral in branch form in this striking Medusa necklace is designed to show off its true beauty. It offers an exciting splash of colour against any outfit and is a fun yet fabulously stylish piece!

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Product Details

This exotic red bamboo branch coral necklace is guaranteed to be a show stopper and set you apart from the crowd. Key features of this striking  Medusa Necklace are:

  • Natural red bamboo branch coral beads which have a remarkable lustre
  • Stunning handcrafted “full moon” brass pendants from Mali
  • Red Samburu seed beads from Kenya used as separators in between each coral branch
  • A handmade brass clasp, chain and SHIKHAZURI logo bead
  • Length: 45cm including clasp, with 6cm chain extension to enable necklace length to be adjusted
  • Pendant height: 4cm (large central pendant), 2.8cm (small side pendants).

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