Rumi Necklace

Rumi is a Japanese name meaning “lapis lazuli” and mi “beautiful”.

One of the focal elements is an antique silver Omani statement bead in a double cone  shape. It displays the rich array of silversmith techniques from this area, including twisted wirework to create intricate filigree patterns and hammered silver sheet to form ornate designs.

Lapis Lazuli and two statement Tibetan beads with the stone adorned with silver anchor the antique Omani bead. In addition to its modern day popularity as a fashionable gem and healing stone, Lapis Lazuli has long played a significant role in early societies. In ancient Egypt, it was carved into a scarab, which was buried with the deceased to offer protection, and in its pulverised form it was used for beautification and to draw out evil spirits when applied to the crown of the head.

In the Middle East, Lapis Lazuli was worn to provide protection from the evil eye, while in ancient Persia, it was a symbol of the starry night. It was also used as an ornamental stone in Greek and Roman times as well as during the Renaissance, notably by Catherine the Great who adorned an entire room in her palace with the stone. It was also favoured by the painter, Michelangelo, due to its intense ultramarine colour when crushed.

Antique Ethiopian silver beads as well as Kenyan “heishi” discs are used to separate the Lapis Lazuli beads.

This ravishing necklace is completed with a handmade sterling silver clasp, chain and SHIKHAZURI logo bead.

Product Details

his fabulous necklace features an antique silver Omani statement bead to form piece that is a timeless classic. It features:

Two beautiful Tibetan Lapis Lazuli beads inlaid with silver

  • A silver Omani statement bead which forms the pendant
  • Lapis Lazuli beads
  • Antique Ethiopian silver beads
  • Giriama heishi spacers from Kenya
  • Sterling silver chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI logo bead.

The components are personally sourced by Shikha during her travels around the world and this statement necklace is assembled in her home studio in Kenya.

FREE worldwide shipping, protective packaging and a beautiful handmade banana leaf jewellery box lined with Maasai shuka and Kenya kanga fabric is included, as well as a personally signed card by Shikha with the story behind this piece.