Samawati Blue African Trade Beads Necklace


The African sky.

It starts off calm and serene when the air is crisp and life starts awakening, a time of peace and tranquility

Just as soon as you’ve had your morning cuppa, its intensity starts to unfold.

Muted shades melt into a brilliant blue hue that’s uniform in every direction, only punctuated by the dazzling sun.

And then, a different sort of magic happens. It starts to flirt with shades of yellow… and before you know it, intermingles with pink, orange and red as it plays host to the quintessential African sunset.

Like its constantly changing canvas, feel alive through each passing moment of the day.

Show the world you’re a strong force not to be reckoned with,

all the time maintaining an air of inner peace and calm.

Draw good fortune and harmony your way through the power of blue.

Serene, calm, spiritual, peace, harmony, love and good fortune.

Samawati means “sky blue” in Swahili.


These versatile African trade bead necklaces can be worn in multiple ways –

Keep it sleek and elegant as a long necklace

Make a statement by doubling it up into a chunky choker

Show off those curves and let it hug your waist or hips

Wrap it round your wrist to create a trendy bracelet stack

The options are endless!

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Product Details

A blue African trade beads necklace with a twist – wear this versatile beauty in multiple ways to suit your personal style.

Key features include:

  • Eco-friendly beads made from recycled glass in Ghana
  • Recycled brass wire
  • Handmade in Kenya by local artisans
  • Length: 40 inches

Each piece may vary due to the handmade nature of the beads and necklace, adding to its rustic charm.