Marjani Necklace


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Marjani is a Swahili name meaning “coral”. If you’re mesmerised by exquisite organic materials from Mother Nature, then this one is for you.

The dark grey-black beads are a rare form of fossilised coral called Bryozoan from Morocco and are over 500 million years old. It has a rather unusual pattern, with distinctive spots spread across the stone with an almost honeycomb and snakeskin like appearance in places, and in other areas its pattern radiates out into a lacy fan.

The branch coral provides a unique and interesting contrast with its crimson red colour and branching twig form. Coral forms from the skeletons of marine animals that live together in a community. As the colony grows, branches form in a specific pattern. The branches are durable, intensely coloured, and have a natural waxy lustre.

Coral has been used in jewellery since prehistoric times and is used to this day by Tibetan Lamas in rosaries. It is also found in Celtic tombs and is regarded as a symbol of wealth in China.

In Greek mythology, Coral was regarded to provide protection, particularly from evil influences. This stems from the story that when Perseus beheaded Medusa, some of her blood dripped into the sea and became stunning red Coral. There is more to this legend…. Medusa was once beautiful but Athena turned her into a hideous creature in a fit of jealousy. With snakes for hair, Medusa could turn a person into stone with a glance, yet in death her blood produced a healing crystal as beautiful as her former self. In this ancient tale, Coral represents beauty transforming out of ugliness, resulting in a glorious rejuvenation.

Jewellery doesn’t get more unique than this, so show off the striking organic form of this statement fossil coral necklace with confidence.

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Product Details

Marjani is a Swahili name meaning “coral”. If you’re mesmerised by unusual organic fossil materials, then this statement fossil coral necklace is definitely for you. It features:

  • Bryozoan Coral from Morocco
  • Branch Coral, also sourced from Morocco
  • Hexagonal brass spacers from West Africa
  • Handmade brass chain, clasp and SHIKHAZURI charm
  • SHIKHAZURI packaging made from local Kenyan fabric
  • Product information cards