Punda Milia Zebra Gold Plated Bangle



The Zebra Gold Plated Bangle is a one size fits all accessory. It makes a great gift for the woman who values her freedom and individuality in a crowd. Learn more about this animal to feel more connected with its profound symbolism. This sleek zebra charm looks great on its own if you’re a minimalist. Alternatively, stack it with our other animal charm bangles for a dazzling effect.

Key features:

  • Charm size: approx. width 1cm x length 2.3cm
  • Bangle diameter: approx 2.5 inches (adjustable)
  • Gold plated brass
  • Lead and nickel free
  • Accompanied by a story card describing the cultural significance and symbolism behind the zebra
  • Securely packaged and inserted in a complementary jewellery pouch
  • 5% profits are donated to the Mara Predator Conservation Programme
  • Make a chic statement by combining this with the Zebra Gold Plated Necklace

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Product Details

Zebra Gold Plated Bangle

Punda Milia is the Swahili name for the zebra. The Zebra Gold Plated Bangle is a striking and chic gift to give to women who value their freedom and love looking unique in a crowd. This piece of jewellery will also inspire you to embrace your individuality and feel confident.

Zebra Traits and Symbolism

This zebra is a member of the horse family but it lives in the wild and roams in herds. Sadly, their numbers are declining as their habitat is shrinking. The most endangered species is the Grevy’s Zebra, found only in northern Kenya and Ethiopia.

Although their black and white stripes make them easily recognisable from other animals, every zebra has a unique pattern. This is akin to each giraffe’s different spot patterns, or human fingerprints. Some scientists believe that zebras may be able to identify one another by their stripe pattern. The stripe “camouflage” may also assist as a defence mechanism by confusing predators without colour vision. It makes it difficult to isolate a target when zebras are bunched up together, causing predators to hesitate.

Zebras are highly social and develop a strong sense of community and safety by staying in large groups. However, they also value their freedom. This is partly evidenced by their resisted attempts to be domesticated and refusal to be confined. Indeed, the zebra salutes your free-spirited nature and shuns any attempts to be dominated.

May the zebra teach you the value of partnership and creating strong bonds within your community. This serves to achieve systems of support and security. At the same time, maintain your sense of self. Wear this with the Zebra Gold Plated Earrings to create a unique look that highlights your individuality within the herd.

The Creator and the Zebra

“God has a sense of humor. Don’t believe me? Just look at a zebra and tell me what was going on in His mind that day.” Kim Gruenenfelder

Learn more about the zebra and its symbolism here.