Turkana county lies in north-west Kenya and its people are well known for their rich adornment, particularly their large beaded collars that weigh several kilos. Turkana women are also famous for making ostrich eggshell beads which are the oldest known man-made bead that originated during the African Middle Stone Age. On the other side of the continent lies Timbuktu, located in the West African nation of Mali. Throughout its history Timbuktu has come under the rule of various Empire and tribes, and has been a significant crossroads for trade and culture. Its reputation has shifted in modern times to being a distant and mysterious place. The Turkana to Timbuktu collection revives the legacy of these cultural landmarks and pays tribute to the incredible artistry and rich resources across the continent. These exclusive pieces have been featured on the runway at Nairobi Fashion Week, East Africa Fashion Week and in the media, and are now available for your personal collection. Steal the limelight and let all eyes fall on you with one of these African inspired beauties.

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