“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”  Buddha

We’re all guilty of it. We know that taking time out to reconnect with our inner being or zen is important, whether it be through yoga, meditation, or even just some quiet time to focus on the present. But how many of us actually manage to build it into our daily routine?

The reality is that life has a sneaky way of getting you absorbed in the daily humdrum. I personally love what I do – designing and creating jewellery and running my business truly gets me fired up, but it does consume most of my day. That’s why having little reminders to take time out is so important.

Today is a great way to do this. When I learnt that it was International Yoga Day, I felt inspired to roll out my yoga mat this morning and spent 20 minutes stretching. Although I struggled with some poses (an acute reminder of just how long it had been since I last hit my mat), I felt amazing and re-energised!

It’s little wonder why yoga is so popular. This 5000-year-old discipline originated in India and has spread all over the world, promoting the importance of knowing one’s self and realising the significance of being in harmony with nature.  It promotes a holistic approach to health and lifestyle that promises a richer, more meaningful life ahead.

On this day I invite you to celebrate with something that will remind you of the power of uniting your mind and body to enhance your well-being.

Silver Om pendant necklace

Our Telesma Collection features yoga jewellery to suit your discriminating taste.  Each piece is conceptualised as an uplifting charm to empower you on your everyday journey – perfect for when you need a little reminder to take some time out for yourself, whether it be through yoga, meditation or even a few minutes to smell the roses and pat the dogs.

If you’re seeking inner peace and wish to improve concentration, the Om charm is the perfect choice.  It is a powerful symbol that has profound spiritual significance in both Eastern and Western cultures, and is universally believed to bring into your awareness the physical reality of this world and your body. In yoga it is chanted at the beginning and end of each session in reverence for life and to show respect for the sound of the universe.

If you’re searching for inspiration and you appreciate beauty, then the Lotus charm is for you. The lotus flower grows in muddy waters but blooms beautiful, unsoiled flowers, much like lives that transcend challenges and blossom into something more beautiful.  It is the perfect symbol of your triumphs and will keep you inspired and positive about embracing life to its fullest.

So when life gets the better of you, let your favourite SHIKHAZURI charm be a reminder to take a deep breath, connect with your inner-being, and rest assured that all is well.

Silver Lotus pendant necklace

I’d love to hear in the comments below what practices you incorporate into your routine to take stock of life and reconnect with your present, whether it be yoga or embracing the comfort of your lucky charm around your neck.