The Big Five Animals Jewellery Collection is inspired by these magnificent animals which are becoming highly vulnerable due to prolific poaching. These charms are a beautiful memento for those journeying in Africa, make the perfect gift for loved ones back home, and are equally popular amongst animal lovers at large. Their extraordinary qualities and symbolism is infused into the story that accompanies each piece. Which Big Five animal represents you?

“Chui” The Leopard: Astute – Brave – Beautiful
“Kifaru” The Rhino: Resilient – Independent – Self-Assured
“Ndovu” The Elephant: Intelligent – Confident – Powerful
“Nyati” The Buffalo: Ambitious – Reliable – Tenacious
“Simba” The Lion: Noble – Courageous – Strong
“Elephant Talisman”: Good Luck – Wisdom – Loyalty

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