SHIKHAZURI was born in 2015 and I’ve since been immersed in the world of creative entrepreneurship which has been a roller-coaster ride of challenges, rewards and growth. More on my inception story here.

While I wouldn’t change any of it, the onset of the pandemic in 2020 gave me the opportunity to reflect on whether I was truly living my purpose. Creating meaningful jewellery brings me so much joy, but my spiritual awakening set me off on a soul-searching journey, exploring various modalities of personal alchemy from energy healing to astrology.

Discovering astrology led me on an unexpected trajectory of self-discovery. It provided answers I have been seeking all my life and helped uncover what I’m here to do… which involves helping you to know yourself better and find your true purpose by unveiling the hidden clues in your birth chart.

After a couple of years of study and practice, I am now a proud graduate of the Cosmic Academy of Astrology and ready to serve you in a professional capacity. Check out my offerings and what people are saying here.

By analysing your natal chart, my mission is to help you to uncover your life path and soul’s purpose through your unique astrological blueprint. This unlocks a deep understanding of yourself, revealing your innate gifts, strengths, challenges and lessons in this lifetime.

I look forward to helping you reconnect with your soul’s purpose, so that you too can grow and evolve to truly live your best life.

Cosmic Academy of Astrology Certificate of Completion