Cosmic and African Inspired Jewellery
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SHIKHAZURI creates cosmic and African inspired jewellery for globally minded women.

Whether you’re looking for everyday pieces that feel meaningful to wear, or a statement piece that sets you apart from the crowd, I’ve got you covered!

And if you’re here for some soul guidance or a desire to understand yourself better, you’re also in the right place. Head over to my Astrology offerings to discover how I can help.

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Astrology Reading Testimonials

“A super informative, supportive and thorough reading… Shikha explained everything beautifully and clearly and gave helpful tips and space for reflection and questions.
We went into more depth on particular aspects within the chart when it came to my career and finances. It was really interesting seeing how I can ‘use’ this to support my goals moving forward. One of the best astrology readings I’ve had, and I’ve had a few.”
Tara Jackson Empathpreneurs
“I was simply blown away by the accuracy of Shikha’s insights during the reading which helped me garner a better understanding of why I am the way I am and gave me much comfort. I felt a real feeling of being “seen” as I have otherwise mostly felt misunderstood. I also loved that it felt like a safe space to share additional aspects of my life which Shikha amazingly validated in my chart.”
Nafisa Rayani Honeycomb Jewellery
“The reading was really insightful, full of ‘aha’ moments and gave me a lot of clarity and answers on some areas of my life where I have really been struggling. Shikha showed a deep understanding of my chart and took her time to explain everything in great detail. It gave me the validation that I am indeed on the right path and in alignment with some changes and decisions that I have recently made.”
Nancy N. Mindful Transformations Ke

Unique in every way

Creativity and authenticity lie at the heart of SHIKHAZURI, encouraging you to honour your individuality.

Invest in meticulously crafted wearable art that’s guaranteed to make you stand out. Spark fascinating conversations without having to say a word!

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What They're Saying About SHIKHAZURI Jewellery

Beautifully designed jewellery! I love the unique designs and the story behind each piece. These statement pieces are the perfect accessory to jazz up your little black dress.
Hemini Nairobi, Kenya
I love the pieces I own by SHIKHAZURI and knowing the background behind the different components makes me feel like I am wearing a piece of history.
Seema London, United Kingdom
Each piece I own by SHIKHAZURI is a gorgeous and timeless treasure. I get compliments every time I wear one of your wonderful one-of-a-kind creations!
Tehmeena New York, USA

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