SHIKHAZURI creates African inspired jewellery for globally minded women.

From beaded statement pieces that showcase the continent’s incredible craftsmanship to minimalist charms that capture the allure of the savannah, adorn yourself in Africa’s sensational cultural and natural heritage.

Feel good wearing jewellery that supports local artisans and gives back to wildlife conservation.

London Fashion Week 2018 Inspiration SHIKHAZURI Trade Beads
SHIKHAZURI at Africa Fashion Week London 2016
US Showroom launch news by SHIKHAZURI




Beautifully designed jewellery, I love the unique designs and especially love the history behind each piece. These statement pieces are the perfect accessory to jazz up your little black dress!


Each piece I own by SHIKHAZURI is a gorgeous and timeless treasure. I get compliments every time I wear one of your wonderful creations, and love the way you combine history and style to make signature pieces of exquisite jewellery!


SHIKHAZURI has created a tapestry of cultural treasures unmatched anywhere. Antiquities that flow through the heart – jewellery not to be missed.


I love the pieces I own by SHIKHAZURI and knowing the background behind the different components of these pieces makes me feel like I am wearing a piece of history.


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