Moja, a Swahili word that means “one”, aptly describes this African jewellery collection of one of a kind necklaces. They are handmade by Shikha using antique and contemporary beads, stones and rare artefacts sourced during her travels around Africa and beyond. She spends hours absorbed in artistic contemplation, carefully choosing and combining elements to produce the perfect balance of colour, texture and form.

Each piece is unique and bears a captivating story about the cultural symbolism of every ethnographic element. Some legends have been preserved for generations. Other traditions have evolved over time. Let these creations bring new purpose to your life – whether solely for adornment, to form a valued part of your collection, or to mark your status as a globally minded woman. Add your own dimension to the story and let the beauty live on forever.

Sourcing beads, artefacts and pendants from markets and souks around Africa and the Middle East


We’re excited to stock our African Jewellery Collection of statement necklaces at the boutique Gallery Ahnasa on 3rd Parklands in Nairobi. To see and purchase the pieces stocked at the Gallery, please contact Pana to book an appointment on +254 731 995 506.