SHIKHAZURI creates African inspired jewellery for ethically conscious women. Your consumer choices are motivated by meaningful stories. Stories that not only feel good but actually do good!

Looking for something that expresses your values without having to say a word? 

Welcome to SHIKHAZURI!

We honour your mission to be a force for good by creating jewellery that benefits the artisans who make it, celebrates local craftsmanship and cultures, and promotes wildlife conservation. In short, it’s jewellery with a story infused with a look AND feel good vibe.

Africa inspired artisan jewellery by SHIKHAZURI
Sourcing old world coins shikhazuri
African recycled glass beads by SHIKHAZURI
Sourcing gems Lusaka Shikhazuri


My jewellery making journey began while working on a wildlife conservation project in Kenya as a means to raise funds to care for orphaned animals and rehabilitate them back to the wild. 

Every time I ventured to markets across the country, I was mesmerised by the colours and styles of beads on display and the fascinating stories that the traders shared about their symbolism. The ability to promote local craftsmanship and raise awareness of wildlife conservation issues through jewellery was enough motivation to get me started. More on my backstory here.

The Indo-Swahili brand name is the amalgam of my name, Shikha, which means “tip of the flame” in Hindi or “to hold” in Swahili, and “zuri” means “beautiful”. It captures my love for the cultural and natural diversity that I’ve grown up with, experienced during my travels around the continent, and always come back home to in Kenya.

By capturing the lure of Africa through emblematic motifs, you become a custodian of meaningful jewellery that gives back to communities and conservation.
I’m so grateful to have you as part of our tribe of ethically minded women!

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