SHIKHAZURI creates cosmic and African inspired jewellery for the globally minded new age women.

From the mesmerising night sky and mother nature’s breath-taking bounty to the incredible artisanship across various cultures, my source of inspiration is far-reaching. Any why not? I’m here to remind you that you’re also a beautiful blend of energies that reflects your unique personality.

Like you, I am a citizen of the world. In fact, the Indo-Swahili brand name is the amalgam of my name, Shikha, which means “tip of the flame” in Hindi or “to hold” in Swahili, and “zuri” means “beautiful”. In essence, SHIKHAZURI – “the zenith of beauty”, captures my cross-cultural roots, diverse influences and a resulting passion for celebrating individuality.

Looking for something that reflects your essence without having to say a word? Explore our feel good jewellery collections and find the piece that speaks to your soul.


My jewellery making journey began while working on a wildlife conservation project in Kenya as a means to raise funds to care for orphaned animals and rehabilitate them back to the wild. More on my backstory here.

Every time I ventured to markets across the country, I was mesmerised by the colours and styles of beads on display and the fascinating stories that the traders shared about their symbolism. The concept of promoting local craftsmanship and raising awareness of wildlife conservation through jewellery started brewing in the back of my mind.

Despite moving to a successful legal career in the corporate world, the lure was too strong. I took the plunge and put my soul into creating SHIKHAZURI in 2015 – one of the best decisions I have made. It has been an exciting journey of exploration on so many levels, and has inspired different styles of creativity and collections. My biggest takeaway? Be true to yourself by following your bliss and you’ll naturally impact others!