SHIKHAZURI creates cosmic and energy inspired jewellery for the new age woman.
You recognise that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience – so why not enjoy some earthly pleasures whilst still feeling connected to your cosmic roots. Jewellery that reminds you that you’re a beautiful blend of energies that reflect your unique personality. Looking for something that captures your essence without having to say a word?

Welcome to SHIKHAZURI! We honour your mission to embrace your uniqueness and support you on your spiritual journey. We’ve created a range of statement and minimalist jewellery with a feel-good vibe to suit your own style. As a certified reiki practitioner, I infuse each piece with healing reiki energy, making it feel powerful to wear. Each piece is also accompanied by a story card that conveys the symbolism behind it, making it even more meaningful – perfect for gifting or to expand your own awareness.

The Indo-Swahili brand name is the amalgam of my name, Shikha, which means “tip of the flame” in Hindi or “to hold” in Swahili, and “zuri” means “beautiful”. In essence, “holding the pinnacle of beauty” captures my passion for championing diversity and celebrating who you are as an individual.

Explore our feel good jewellery collections and find the piece that speaks to your soul.


My jewellery making journey began while working on a wildlife conservation project in Kenya as a means to raise funds to care for orphaned animals and rehabilitate them back to the wild. More on my backstory here.

Having spent several years thereafter working in the corporate world, I returned to my creative passion realising that life was too short to stay in an unfulfilling legal career. SHIKHAZURI was born in 2015 and I’ve since been immersed in the world of entrepreneurship which has been a roller-coaster ride of challenges, adventures, rewards and growth. Even though I wouldn’t change any of it, the onset of pandemic in 2020 gave me the opportunity to step back and reflect on whether I was truly living my purpose. SHIKHAZURI brought me much joy, but something was missing.

Needless to say, the past couple of years have taken me on an intense journey of soul-searching and spiritual awakening that has seen me enrolling in courses and workshops covering an array of topics ranging from energy healing and personal alchemy to candle magick and astrology. Whilst all incredibly empowering, the latter really gripped me, and has set me off on a brand-new trajectory of self-discovery.

Astrology provided me with the answers I had been seeking all my life and has been invaluable in getting to know myself better and uncover what I’m here to do… which involves helping you to get in touch with yourself and find your true purpose by unveiling all the hidden clues in your birth chart.

I’m currently immersed in my professional studies, with the intent to deliver readings in the near future. Stay tuned on our Instagram of Facebook page where I’ll continue to keep you posted. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and I hope to serve you very soon in this new capacity.

Much love,