“My reading with Shikha was extremely empowering. I’ve had readings before, however working with Shikha & her unique approach to astrology helped me to delve deeper than I have before. Shikha was open, honest & supportive. She was very sensitive to my private life & honoured my sharing with her. This reading felt like a meeting of minds & souls, where we were able to uncover patterns I had yet to see!
Shikha was knowledgeable, intuitive & exciting to work with. She practiced deep listening when I was sharing my perspectives so I truly felt heard & seen. She was also very respectful in her offerings of alternative perspectives to mine. I can’t wait for my next reading!”

Jennifer Pate Recreation to Re~Creation Podcast

“A super informative, supportive and thorough reading diving into the specific areas I had asked to focus on. Shikha explained everything beautifully and clearly and gave helpful tips and space for reflection and questions.
We went into more depth on particular aspects within the chart and what that meant, and could mean, when it came to my career and finances. It was really interesting seeing how I can ‘use’ this to support my goals moving forward. One of the best astrology readings I’ve had, and I’ve had a few.”

Tara Jackson Empathpreneurs

“I was extremely happy with my reading. Shikha went through my chart very thoroughly explaining everything right down to the smallest details. She took her time without rushing and gave me my space to absorb the information. The favourite thing about my reading was the explanation of my north and south nodes. The reading was so accurate regarding the nodes and certain planets in areas which are influencing my way forward especially about my spiritualism and foreign travel. Shikha works from her heart and is so authentic.”

Rashmita Shah Sound Healer

“Shikha has a way of making you feel immediately at ease with her warm and friendly demeanour. This meant I felt comfortable sharing and asking multiple questions along the way which she was happy to answer.
I was simply blown away by the accuracy of her insights during the reading which helped me garner a better understanding of why I am the way I am and gave me much comfort. So much of it resonated so strongly with me. I felt a real feeling of being “seen” as I have otherwise mostly felt misunderstood.
I also loved that it felt like a safe space to share additional aspects of my life which Shikha amazingly validated in my chart. I left the reading feeling empowered and with so much more understanding.”

Nafisa Rayani Honeycomb Jewellery

“The reading was really insightful, full of ‘aha’ moments and gave me a lot of clarity and answers on some areas of my life where I have really been struggling. Shikha was very clear in her delivery of the information. She showed a deep understanding of my chart and took her time to explain everything in great detail. It gave me the validation that I am indeed on the right path and in alignment with some changes and decisions that I have recently made. The session was absolutely great.”

Nancy N. Mindful Transformations Ke

“I had the reading done when I was feeling my lowest and full of confusion. The reading helped changed my attitude towards the emotions I am going through. It truly felt like Shikha put things into perspective for me, without sugar coating anything which I really appreciated. She was absolutely amazing and explained everything in simple terms which I could understand. A big thank you and looking forward to another reading in the near future.”

Priya Shah Mia Kora

“Shikha so articulately walked me through my charts and explained each section so methodically that I was clearly able to understand the impact of the planetary cycles. It was an eye opening experience for me as I realized just how much my body feels the vibrations of the moon cycle and how my emotions are also so in tune with the movement of the planets – I definitely had a few ‘ah ha’ moments during the reading.

I have come across so many people who, like myself, could really benefit from such an in depth analysis on our astrological charts and I truly believe that Shikha not only has the deep passion to delve further into this space, but also has the diligence and articulation to convey readings in a manner that would be well received and truly appreciated by so many of us.”

Tee Manji Muthaiga Tea Company

“My reading experience was lovely, eye opening, reflective, promising and overall educative. It was so spot on in explaining areas of my life that were a bit confusing and opening my eyes to the possibilities of understanding and appreciating myself. I am more excited and ready to explore and live my best life. I would definitely recommend Shikha to my friends.”

Debra Inzai Fitness Instructor

“I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Shikha and was very impressed with her insights into various aspects of my life and also her full reading. I enjoyed all of it, but especially her deep insights into the main issues I was struggling with. She was very clear on every aspect she spoke about and went into a lot of depth which was valuable and also accurate in her reading.”

Purvi Shah Kampur Travel Diaries

“The whole experience was eye opening. I appreciated her manner and her way of first gauging how much I knew or didn’t, it made me feel very comfortable.
Shikha was very courteous, with a good sense of humour and the right sort of timing for the information not to be overwhelming. She also gave a variety of explanations, for example, specifically, new birth not always signalling an actual baby in the making. The delivery was perfect. Pun intended. I could have carried on forever!”

Seema Ansari Mother and Professional Barista

“A wonderful sit down interweaving my natal chart, highlighting my character traits and handling of life experiences together with how the planets affect my life’s journey in relation to their positioning in the houses and signs. Shikha is very courteous and made me feel at ease about answering personal questions. Her explanations and delivery were spot on. She adapted the consultation by taking into account that I knew some of the basics and focused on helping me understand other aspects I wasn’t sure of.”

Neeral Shah Need Gelato

“Absolutely loved the reading. Shikha has mastered in-depth knowledge of astrology. The information was deep, and questions were well answered in detail and at length. I finally fully understand all the aspects of my natal chart.”

Alia Datoo Silver Moon Mystic
“My first reading experience! Shikha provided an in-depth explanation of my chart, her insights provided a profound understanding of my challenges, strengths, a lot of food for reflection, and opened up new ways of looking at the past and future. Resonated with it all, found it to be deeply insightful and enlightening. All questions that I had were answered in much detail, and in a way that I could relate and understand.

Shikha explained how the placement of the planets, points and signs influence my personality, relationships and life path – all very interesting and fascinating. The accuracy and details of my chart was definitely a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of the universe, and also help me understand myself better.”

Simrit Devgun