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5 Outstanding Qualities of a Worldly Woman

If you’ve been here before, you’ve likely seen the term worldly woman used to describe the person who loves to wear my jewellery. I know her well and I love what she stands for. So exactly who and what is she?

Allow me to introduce you.

The word “worldly” encompasses the image of a woman who exudes sophistication. She is experienced, knowledgeable, aware of her surroundings and well informed about what goes on in the world. She’s urbane, enlightened and a cultured being who carries herself with a unique sense of perception. There is a certain type of savvy sexiness to her character making her irresistible. A worldly woman is quite simply the woman many of us aspire to be: smart, suave, stylish, and beautiful.

So what is the secret sauce to being a worldly woman?

Control your own fate

While we may need a little guidance in certain aspects of our lives, we don’t necessarily need others making decisions for us. Strive to find balance between your mind and heart. Use your creativity to find the best way to achieve this, whether it be through meditation, journaling, or your favourite creative outlet. Don’t ignore your gut instinct and realise that your wisdom knows no bounds.

Be a Risk Taker

These aren’t the kind of risks that put your life in danger. In fact, these risks are the ones that help you step out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. Allow yourself to take a leap of faith if you feel that a certain endeavour will strengthen your character. Once you’ve made your decision, accept your fate without any regret and regardless of the consequences.

Know Your Worth

Put a value on yourself, whether in the work place, at home, or amongst friends and family. Strike a balance between your work and personal life and don’t let people take advantage of you. If indulging in “me time” leads others to think you’re selfish, that’s a sign that you’re not in good company – you can only take care of those around you by taking care of yourself first.

Own your own style

Think outside the box and develop your unique perspective. Develop your own sense of style and make a statement in your own way. Life is too short to obsess over what others think and to fit into their mould. Every minute is precious so embrace each moment as it comes, and ride the ebbs and flows with grace.

Indulge your Wanderlust

If travel turns you on then you need to make time to step out of your nest and explore the world. Wanderlust, curiosity, and the need to rejuvenate your being will drive you to seek adventure. Every day brings forth unexplored realms… spread your wings, go forth and conquer!

Does this sound like someone you know? I knew you’d be able to relate.

Truth is, there is no secret sauce – there’s a bit of worldliness in all of us, but sometimes we just need to nurture it a bit more.

And one more thing. The worldly woman doesn’t need an excuse to indulge herself… she just does!

So go on and treat yourself to one of our new one of a kind pieces of jewellery… because you can!!