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The Power of Collaboration for Wildlife Conservation

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Expanding my mission through a collaboration for wildlife conservation

My mission behind SHIKHAZURI has always been to combine my passion for animals and design to create jewellery that celebrates Kenya’s incredible cultural and natural heritage as well as raise awareness about wildlife conservation. More on my backstory here.

The opportunity to collaborate for wildlife conservation with creatives who share a similar mindset has expanded this mission in a beautiful direction. It has been such an honour working with Priya Shah, founder and designer behind Mia Kora and renown wildlife photographer, Gurcharan Roopra, to bring you an exciting new collection that is very close to my heart. Be sure to click on the video above to see what’s been going on behind the scenes.

In spite of spending an extensive period of time in the bush, Gurcharan’s photographs provide a really unique source of inspiration for my design process. I love losing myself in the intricate details he manages to capture. Producing a collection inspired by his photography and based on Amboseli elephants has been a really fun and collaborative experience.

Involving local artisans in the production of this new line has been really insightful. Their ability to interpret my designs from paper to sculptural form is incredible and a true testament to local craftsmanship. More on this collection coming soon!


Priya translates the concept of wearable art in its most literal sense, but she takes it to a whole new level through her wildlife inspired work. Check out Mia Kora’s stunning designs here.

We’re thrilled to partner with her and launch our charm bangles at our upcoming exhibition which complement her gorgeous scarves perfectly. Together, they form a wonderful memento to celebrate and honour the magical beauty of Kenya.

Why Amboseli Elephants?

We are well aware of the increasing threat that elephant populations are facing today on the African continent. Poaching, as a result of the ivory trade, coupled with the increase in human populations living in close proximity to elephants have taken a serious toll on this species.

Optimistically though, the decline in elephant populations in Amboseli has not been so significant. If anything, their populations have slowly been growing. This is primarily due to the presence of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants and the incredible research they’ve undertaken since the 1970s as well as the support that they have garnered from neighbouring Maasai communities.

It is with immense gratitude and support for their incredible and relentless work that we have come together as artists to collaborate for wildlife conservation in order to:

  1. Create awareness about wildlife conservation through our respective forms of art;
  2. Channel funds from sales of our work towards elephant conservation;
  3. Inspire you to take a stance and do your bit… even if it is to spread the word about what we are doing and the work of the Trust.

We are excited to collaborate together and share our combined passions for animals, nature and this beautiful country that we call home through our respective forms of art and from our own unique perspectives.

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