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5 Tips for Travelling with Your Jewellery

Summer is here which probably means you have travel plans lined up, even if it’s for a long weekend getaway.

I’ll be going overseas for a wedding, and like you, I’ll be carrying some of my favourite accessories with me, not just to glam up for the various functions, but I’ll also have my staple pieces for everyday wear.

I used to pack my jewellery in a little travel pouch for convenience sake, but I don’t recall a single time when I’ve not been frustrated when I reach my destination.

The typical scene plays out like this: you’re dressed and ready to go out. You’ve thought about which necklace you’re going to wear. Now that you’ve put on your makeup and perfume (remember cosmetics always go on first), you open your jewellery pouch to find…

a… big… knotted… mess!!

You ruffle through the jumble of chains intertwined with loose earring backs and clasps. A frown appears on your forehead.

You see the pendant of the necklace you want to wear. You tug at it.

The chain pulls taut, and gets tangled even tighter in the mess.

It’s time to leave; you get more tense as you hear “we’re waiting for you in the car” being shouted as the front door slams shut.

Panic. “Why does this have to happen to me now?” you shout to yourself, exasperated!

You have two choices – forget the necklace or pick the only one you’ve managed to loosen from the mess which doesn’t match your outfit … neither is a satisfactory outcome!

It took me a while to learn my lesson, but after some trial and error, I’ve perfected the art of travelling with jewellery.

Here are a few tried and tested methods for you when you’re packing for your next trip.

Fine Necklaces Love Straws

Avoid getting your fine chain necklaces tangled by inserting the open necklace into a straw. Fasten the clasp on the outside and you’ll never get your necklaces into that hot mess ever again. It’s that simple!

Buttons for Earrings

What about earrings? Here’s another simple solution. All those spare buttons that you’ve collected can finally be put to use. And if you don’t happen to have a button lying around, just have a look at a few of your clothes – I’m sure you’ll find a spare button that’s sewn into an inner label on one of your blouses or trousers. Cut it off and put it to use by hanging or securing the ear wires through them.

Pouch It

Now I know I shunned the humble pouch earlier, but it does have its use if used correctly i.e. storing only one item in it. Not only does adding more items increase the chances of tangling, but it can also cause damage to your jewellery. For example, a metal bead, clasp or ear wire can easily scratch a stone bead or gemstone.

If you prefer to use pouches, use individual ones, or even use separate zip lock bags for each item, then place them together in a large pouch to keep all your jewellery in one place.

The Handy Pill Box

If you happen to have an extra pill box lying around, these are an excellent travel storage solution to keep smaller items separated – rings, stud earrings and even fine chain necklaces.

DIY Jewellery Roll

If you happen to be carrying a towel, scarf or sarong with you, simply lay your necklaces flat and roll them within it to keep them from mixing up. This is great if you want a quick and easy way to pack them, without having to look for straws of buttons if you don’t have them on hand. Secure it at each end with a hair tie and you’re good to go.

Bonus Tip

If you’re flying, pack your jewellery in your carry-on luggage, especially if it is valuable as it has less chance of going missing than your checked bags.

Enjoy a relaxed and hassle free holiday!

If you have any other favourite jewellery packing tips, let me know in the comments below… I’d love to learn any new handy tricks you have to share.