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Colour Your World

 “Man needs colour to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water.” Fernand Leger

I couldn’t agree more.

Colour plays a vital role in our everyday lives. As a powerful form of communication, it can sway your thinking, change your actions or cause reactions. In honour of International Colour Day on 21st March, take a moment to absorb all the colours around you and analyse how your favourite one makes you feel.

Every colour has a different story to tell. What does your favourite colour remind you of? And what does it express about your personal style? Take a look… you may be surprised at the cultural significance attached to certain ones.


Deep and earthy as the rich scarlet soil that the Tsavo elephants love.

Fiery and intense as a savanna sunset that shocks you into a state of awe.

Flamboyant and vivid as a Maasai shuka blanket that provides comfort and warmth on a chilly night.

…You’ve got to love a shade of red.

In Western cultures, it symbolises love and vibrant energy, while in Chinese culture it represents happiness, good luck and prosperity. Wear the energising colour of passion and power with confidence!


The glow and warmth of the summer sun.

The delicious exoticness of tropical banana, apricot and pineapple.

Bright bumblebees and a drizzle of rich golden honey.

… You can’t deny that yellow makes you feel youthful and content.

Egyptians associate it with happiness and good fortune, and in the same vein, Western cultures relate it to optimism and warmth. Make a statement and carry the richness and vitality of summer with you permanently.


The iconic sight of Africa’s pink flamingos.

The intoxicating beauty of the fuchsia desert rose.

The blush tones of a chilled glass of rosé wine.

It’s no wonder that pink is widely associated with femininity, softness and romance. Experiment with different hues and find the shade that reflects the essence of the woman in you.




The unmistakable hue of Amethyst stone.

A beautiful carpet of Jacaranda flowers when in full bloom.

The lusciousness of grapes and plums.

… Let the colour purple intoxicate you in its sensational hues.

It is often associated with royalty, wealth and nobility. Only the highest ranked Buddhist monks wore purple robes in Japan, and in the US, the Purple Heart is the highest award given to military members to signify their honour and courage. Be your own queen and adorn yourself in the colour of royalty.


The characteristic colour of the sea and sky.

Calm and serene.

Heady and intense.

Brilliant and bright.

… Isn’t it incredible how variants of the colour blue also play in sync with your mood?

Blue is known to represent calm, wisdom and faith across many cultures. In Turkey, Greece, Iran and Afghanistan, blue eye-shaped amulets are believed to provide protection against the evil eye. In Hinduism, blue is associated with the deity Krishna who embodies love and spiritual harmony. Let your favourite shade transport you to a world of relaxed tranquillity.


Lush leafy forests.

Flourishing grassy plains.

Juicy limes and cool mint.

… It’s hard not to automatically associate green with nature and abundance… and perhaps also, a refreshing drink.

But there’s more to green than meets the eye. In addition to its environmental connotations, it’s associated with wealth and stability in Western cultures, while in Eastern cultures it also symbolises youth, new beginnings and good health. Celebrate nature, and attract good luck through the colour of abundance.


The ability to convey meaning without saying a word… that’s the power of colour!