April 2021

“I was privileged to have this incredible conversation with Shikha about her Chapter, Freedom in Shikhazuri. Shikha is the founder of Shikhazuri (a conscious jewellery brand) SHIKHAZURI and their tag line is, ‘jewellery with a story’. Shikha’s energy was wonderfully infectious and her passion for her craft is awe-inspiring. During this conversation, Shikha takes us on a journey of Shikhazuri from conception to birth and beyond. The pieces she showcases are breathtaking. Shikha also generously shares her career path prior to Shikhazuri, her ongoing love & passion for conservation, as well as other influences in her life that have shaped her work. I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal from Shikha’s soulful Chapter and one powerful statement that deeply resonated with me was, “Live with intention and meaning”. Arti Shah

Watch the interview on the Human Chapters Facebook page here.