October 2023

It was an absolute honour being interviewed for the Recreation to Re~Creation Podcast which explored Shikha’s world of Empowerment, Spirituality & Meaningful Jewellery…

“From environmental law to raising orphaned wildlife, creating jewellery to the art of astrology & discovering spirituality… explore Shikha’s unfolding path built on a foundation of empowerment ~ both of self & other. Her inspiring story reminds us there is always an open invitation to surrender to the flow of life & the possibilities that arise when we allow ourselves to co-create…”

Tune in as we talk about…
~ Being the Squiggly Line 🌀
~ Foundation of Empowerment 🏗️
~ Journey of Self Reflection ✍️
~ Astrology & Spirituality ✨
~ The Complexity of Caregiving 🫂
~ The Power of Presence📍
~ Learning it’s Both/And not Either/Or ⚖️
~ Seeing the World as a Mirror🪞
~ The Story in Adornment 📿

And so much more!!

Listen now on…
~ Spotify, Apple & Google 🎙️
~ YouTube: @re-creation

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