23 May 2016

“Many women can attest that jewelry not only lifts your spirits, but also lifts your look. It puts a smile on your face and transforms an otherwise simple look into an awesome one. And that, ladies and gentlemen is worth every cent spent on jewelry. No one knows this better than jewelry maker Shikha Vincent.

She believes that jewelry should express one’s individuality making them stand out from the crowd. She started making jewelry as a hobby and to raise funds for various environmental and wildlife conservation initiatives. In 2015 she decided to combine her passions; jewelry, travel and conservation and set up a business, Shikhazuri.

She tells Yululate that the foundation of Shikhazuri is creating unique pieces, each with a story. “Every piece bears a captivating story regarding the origin and symbolism of each ethnographic element and stone used. When designing jewelry, I believe in starting with the story behind the ethnic and tribal elements that inspire me,” she says.  Looking at her work, one cannot dispute their unique nature.”


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